The Massachusetts Communications Supervisors Association (MCSA) is comprised of a group of 9-1-1 professionals who aim to facilitate the professional resources needed by Public Safety Communications Centers in order to deliver quality communications services to the public. Members have the common goal of effective, high quality, public safety communications services provided to all residents of and visitors to Massachusetts; to assist public safety communications centers facilitate an accurate response within a reasonable time after a call for help; and further to provide all public safety professionals with the support they need in their protection of life and property, to the extent of their training and ability.

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Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

10:00am –  Cambridge Emergency Communications Department

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MCSA Bylaw Changes

Proposed Bylaw Modifications as of May 15th, 2019

Click here MCSA Bylaws Changes 2019 to review the proposed changes to the MCSA Bylaws and Constitution.  These Bylaw changes will be voted upon by the full membership at the Annual Meeting in June!

State 911 Department Information

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