Reporting an emergency is one of the most stressful actions anyone will ever take. 911 Call Centers today are much more than just the conveyors of information between the person who needs help and the person who will help them.

  • 911 Dispatchers are the initial investigators, asking specific questions about the crime that’s just occurred. They gather information and descriptions through questioning the victim or witness while the information is fresh in their minds.
  • 911 Dispatchers are the initial triage nurses, asking specific medical questions about the symptoms, illness, or injury being reported. They’re also the first treatment givers, as they can give life-saving CPR, Choking and Childbirth Instructions (among others) over the phone.
  • 911 dispatchers are the first fire fighters on scene. They are taught to think outside the box, and through their questioning can determine how many fire apparatus to send to a fire call and whether to tell residents to evacuate a burning building.

911 dispatchers are the risk managers for emergency personnel. They feel responsible for the lives of every police officer, every fire fighter, and every EMT/Paramedic they send to a call. Through their questioning they must make sure the scene is safe, and if it isn’t that the responding personnel is aware of all the potential risks.

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