Our committees are an opportunity for Members to work together and collaborate, developing policies, recommendations, publications and artifacts for MCSA and the Massachusetts Emergency Communications Community. Click on any of the highlighted e-mails below to send an e-mail to our committees.  


All elected officials of the association

Education & Training

    1. Charles Goodwin – Chairperson
    2. Anne Camaro
    3. Mary Ann McLaughlin

Standards & Bylaws

    1. Lee Ann Delp – Chairperson
    2. Mary Ann McLaughlin
    3. Charles Goodwin
    4. Chris Campbell

Legislative & Retirement

    1. Chris Campbell – Chairperson
    2. Charles Goodwin
    3. Lee Ann Delp

Social Media & Outreach

    1. Greg Lynskey – Chairperson
    2. Kevin Lessard
    3. Anne Camaro
    4. Grace Cohen

Website Committee

    1. Anne Camaro – Chairperson
    2. Kevin Lessard
    3. Greg Lynskey

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