Telecommunicator Reclassification

With the start of 2019, we begin a new legislative session on Beacon Hill and restart our efforts to reclassify certified emergency telecommunications across the Commonwealth from Group 1 into Group 2 of the public retirement system. With the closing of 2018 and the 190th General Court SB.1479 & HB.1449 failed to come out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee and were never brought forth to a hearing. That is not for a lack of effort or support from any of you or this Association. These bills saw the largest amount of support from legislators ever seen by any of our previous attempts.

With the start of the 191st General Court and new legislative session, it is a critical time in the process and we need your support. We need every certified telecommunicator in the Commonwealth to reach out to their elected representatives on Beacon Hill, both in the Senate and House of Representatives and make your voices heard. Ask them to sign on a co-sponsors of “An Act Relative to Massachusetts Certified Emergency Telecommunicators” which is being offered in the House of Representative by longtime MCSA friend and supporter Rep. Todd Smola of the 1st Hampden District.

We need you to help spread the word… Talk to your Directors, Chiefs, local elected officials, and family members. Ask them to also reach out to their elected officials on Beacon Hill and advocate on behalf of this Legislation. The louder our voices and the more phone calls, letters and face to face visits happen the stronger our movement becomes. This legislation isn’t about politics… it isn’t about Democrat or Republican… It is about supporting 911 Telecommunicators who save lives on a daily basis and deserve recognition as PUBLIC SAFETY PROFESSIONALS!

Click Here for contact information for the Massachusetts House Members.

Massachusetts Dispatchers now is the critical time for your voice to be heard!!!

During the last legislative session our proposed bills made it the furthest along in the process than they have ever progressed before and with only two co-sponsors. This year our numbers have increased exponentially. Join us in continuing to fight for fair retirement age!