Mary Ann McLaughlin Candidate for Regional VP Middlesex-Suffolk Counties

I am seeking re-election to the position of Middlesex-Suffolk County VP.  I joined MCSA in 2007 and was excited to find a group of Dispatchers working so hard to mentor, network, and advocate for dispatchers!  I found many invaluable mentors  and great friends in this organization!  I hope to maintain the area VP position to continue to sustain and also advance the many causes MCSA is working on within the regions and statewide.  I have worked hard at increasing membership and attendance at our meetings and yearly training.   A group of Supervisors in Middlesex County meet throughout the year and our group is growing!  As a result of our meetings five Supervisors from Middlesex County attended the Missing and Exploited training in Virginia in 2017!  I have promoted MCSA, our Retirements Bills, and meetings and training to cities and town in my region.  I have worked very hard for this organization in many capacities.  I serve on the Training Committee, the Events Committee, and the Bylaws Committee.  I served as Secretary for two years and Regional Co-VP this last year.  I also joined many members on Beacon Hill last year to promote our Retirement Bills.   I have hosted many meetings over the years.  I will always work hard to give back to the organization which gave me so much support, assistance, and critical resources!


I have been in this profession for 26 years beginning as a Dispatcher, then Training Coordinator, and now a Supervisor.  I have a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and taught for six years.  I think teaching Kindergarten has prepared me the most for this job!  I’ve been an EMT for 34 years and I’m a CPR and First Responder Instructor.  I’m also a 2016 CCM graduate from Fitch & Associates.  I served on the State 911 working group for Text-to-911 representing smaller PSAP’s in 2014.  I created a 911 curriculum for Kindergarten students and presented for many years in the Bolton Elementary School and have worked with the Acton Fire Department presenting 911.  I’m an instructor for the Acton Citizens Police Academy presenting the vital role of  911 Communications.

I would truly appreciate your support so I may continue my efforts to increase attendance, provide outstanding training, pass our retirement bills, and giving back to dispatchers with support and assistance by making this organization greater every year!

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann McLaughlin