Wayne Lee – 2022 MCSA Leadership Conference Speaker

Signed Roster

Wayne Lee is a Peak Performance Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, and Award-Winning Entertainer who values the magic and unlimited potential that we all have within us. As a five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion and a former classroom school teacher, Wayne brings his unique perspective to your organization on the mindset that is needed for your team to deal with change, take more risks, and bring their full creative selves to work and their personal lives.

For over 20 years, Wayne has helped audiences realize that self-limiting beliefs in their subconscious mind keep them from bringing their fullest potential to work. His Peak Performance keynote and Live the Laughter hypnosis show combine insights from decades of research with humor and live interaction to help your people discover the power of “The Peak Performance Mindset”.

Next year he’ll be bringing all of his skills to MCSA’s Leadership Conference! He has made a quick video, and asked us to share with the membership!