2023 Leadership Scholarship

Deadline to apply is June 8, 2023 at 4pm.

The Massachusetts State 911 Department understands the crucial role the 911 PSAP Supervisor/Manager plays in the PSAP Administration and Operations.  To that end, the State 911 Department is pleased to announce the release of the FY 2024 PSAP Leadership Scholarship Program.

The Massachusetts Communications Supervisors Association is proud to assist with the administration of this scholarship program funded in the amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) by the Massachusetts State 911 Department. Funding may be awarded for expenses associated with attendance at a State 911 Department approved leadership program, not to exceed one person per PSAP, for persons who are certified as an enhanced 911 telecommunicator and employed by a primary PSAP, regional PSAP, regional secondary PSAP, or RECC.

Recipients of the scholarship will have the opportunity to participate in the Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Course or the Communications Center Manager (CCM) course, or other State 911 Department approved executive development and leadership program. The CPE course includes a 9-day training in Daytona Beach, Florida, and an online component. The CCM course includes two 6-day trainings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  and an online component.

Any certified telecommunicator employed by a primary PSAPs, regional PSAPs, regional secondary PSAPs, or RECC in the Commonwealth is eligible to apply for funding under the PSAP Leadership Scholarship Program. In addition, the State 911 Department will support the expenses of a scholarship recipient to attend the IAED Navigator Conference should that person be selected to receive the David Connolly CCM Leadership Award at the conclusion of the CCM Course or to support the attendance at an equivalent conference at which a leadership award is offered, as determined by the State 911 Department in its sole discretion.

Expenses may include salary costs for the participant (straight time or overtime for classroom time and/or online coursework), course fees, airfare, lodging, meals (in accordance with the Massachusetts “Redbook”), and other expenses, including car rental expenses, associated with attendance at a State 911 Department approved leadership scholarship program.

To apply for the scholarship, an application must be submitted electronically to MCSA on or before Thursday, June 8, 2023 at the 4:00 pm deadline. MCSA shall submit nominations to the State 911 Department on or before June 12, 2023.  Please note Scholarship awards are limited to one person per PSAP.