Corey Swift Middlesex-Suffolk VP Candidate

I am seeking this position because there are so many great things that MCSA is doing that many PSAP Managers are not aware of yet. I want to serve the organization by making contact with as many Emergency Call Centers (primarily but not just PSAPs) and finding what barriers exist for their participation in MCSA, getting a sense of what they need that could be addressed by the organization or myself and creating a bigger network of dispatchers in Middlesex and Suffolk Counties. I became a supervisor less than 3 years ago and the relationships and knowledge I have received from MCSA and its members has professionally and personally helped tremendously. I would love to help others the same way through mentoring, advocating on their behalf and making telecommunications a career/profession not just a job. I am currently the dispatch supervisor for Wilmington Public Safety Dispatch, have obtained my ENP and CMCP credentials this past year and been in the field nearly 10 years. As someone under 35 with a newborn son working a console while being a supervisor, I know how hard it is to set aside time for meetings and conference calls. I view this position as a the link between telecommunicators and supervisors who may not have the time or institutional support to be more involved with MCSA and other members of the field.  There is a great opportunity with all the pending legislation and changes to 911 for MCSA to grow and I would love to help make that happen. I humbly ask for your vote.