Lauren Mielke Candidate for Regional Co-VP South East Region

My name is Lauren Mielke and I am the Deputy Director of Communications for the Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center (Norfolk County Control). I began my Public Safety career in 2004 as an EMT-B and picked up a part time Dispatch job to supplement my income. I quickly realized that that I was destined to serve the public from behind the scenes. The part time Dispatch position eventually led to a full time position with the City of Easthampton where I became the Head Dispatcher in 2012. I also worked as a part time Dispatcher for the Town of Southampton while employed by Easthampton. In 2017 I was hired by the City of Westfield to serve as the Public Safety Communications Administrator. I have been with the HRECC since July of 2018 and can honestly say I have found my home.

In the 7+ years I have served in a leadership role, I have always strived to make things better for those who work alongside me and for those I serve. Leadership to me is about empowering your team members and identifying strengths in them that they don’t necessarily even realize they posses. I have been fortunate to have people in my life I consider to be mentors who have empowered me, who have recognized my strengths and passion and who have urged me to continue on the career path I have fallen in love with.

Some of my professional accomplishments include: Managing the staff of small, medium and large Communications Centers; Preparing and maintaining municipal budgets; Applied for and received hundreds of thousands of dollars of State 911 grant funding; Recipient of 2013 CCM Scholarship; Past MCSA Co-Regional VP of Hamden/Berkshire Counties; Recipient of Community Service Award and multiple Letters of Commendation; Accredited agency EMD program; Recognized as becoming a partner agency with NCMEC’s Missing Kids Readiness Project; Past member of APCO’s Young Professionals Taskforce.

I feel that I would be a strong candidate for this this role as I have a well rounded knowledge of the various facets of Public Safety Communications and understand the needs and concerns of  members from different view points. I remain up to date on the various topics relative to our professions such as Telecommunicator Reclassification, Regionalization, proposed standard changes at the State level etc…


I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the MCSA as Regional Co-VP of the South East Region and would like to thank the Executive Board and members for considering me as a candidate. It truly takes a village and I welcome the opportunity to be a small part of the bigger picture. Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


Lauren Mielke