Penny Ryan Candidate for : Regional VP Worcester County

I am very excited to announce I am running for the open MCSA Regional VP position for Worcester County.
I have been in Public Safety for 24 years. First as an EMT-I in my town and then as a Dispatcher and Auxiliary Police Officer. I have dispatched for 21years and was the Lead Dispatcher for 7 years . I went to my first MCSA meeting in 2012 with Sturbridge dispatcher Barbara Boiteau; my mentor. She is the reason I learned so many things and was able to expand my profession dispatching to a new level. I was very fortunate to be a CCM graduate in 2014 through MCSA. In 2018 I accepted the position of Communications Director for the Town of Auburn. I am hoping as a Regional Rep for Worcester county to  reach out to as many PSAP’s again to let them know about the many benefits and knowledge they can obtain through MCSA.
We are in some very exciting and trying times in our profession and we need to educate and let people know what we do.
I hope to be able to continue to do this with MCSA.